Guide for Quiche Shells

Quiche Size Size Portions Baking Instructions
40mm & 62mm Canapés / Function portion Unfilled 150°c for  10 – 12mins
62mm & 72mm Function / Buffet portion Unfilled 150°c for 12 – 15mins
75mm, 90mm, 99mm, 100mm, 102mm, 120mm Cabinet / Entrée / Main portion Unfilled 150°c for 15 – 20mins
243mm & 285mm disk Family size / wedge portion Filled 170°c for 45 – 55 mins

Please note the above oven temperatures and baking times are a guide only.

  • When baking Quiche Shells (filled or unfilled), product must thaw to ambient temperature
  • Thaw, fill and bake when using for quiche/ savoury tartlets
  • No need to blind bake with beans/rice. Thaw and pre-bake only for cold or wet fill.